Tesla Brand Revitalisation for New Zealand

Re-branding Tesla for the New Zealand market. Speculative branding strategies pushing the limits of what is currently possible.


This project was created in collaboration with two other students, Edward Elioart and Hannah Osborne, as a part of our honours year at Massey studying Visual Communication Design.


Investigate, analyse and pitch strategic recommendations for Tesla’s launch into the New Zealand market. Present the ‘central idea’ for the Tesla brand – a dynamic narrative which strategically positions what the organisation.


The ultimate mission and philosophies of Tesla go beyond that of any car manufacturer, however, their current branding situates them in the same space as all other car brands. We propose branding strategies to revitalise Tesla’s brand and ensure that their branding is on the same level their vision for the future.

Central idea/vision

Tesla will bring to the New Zealand public experiences beyond the limits of what is currently available. Beyond what they are currently experiencing, expecting and perceive to be possible.

Eclipse motif

The eclipse is a time for exponential growth and rapid change, a blank canvas giving space for new beginnings and the possibilities of the future. Black represents the empty space from which light and new possibilities can emerge.


Tesla’s new identity will represent their boundless aspiration for launching mankind into the future of technology. With a system of dynamic textures and patterns, within just a few years the Tesla brand would be easily identified without the need for the signature T.