ShareWear | Social system & app

Less clothing, more fashion. An alternative solution for reducing clothing consumption whilst still enjoying fashion.

We are becoming more aware of the enormity of the fashion industry’s social and environmental impact, however, our fashion consumption continues to increase exponentially every year.

Central Proposition

Human centred design can help digital native ‘LOHAS followers’ and ‘drifters’* to make small, actionable changes to their clothing purchasing habits.


The NMI LOHAS (Lifestyle of health and sustainability) framework segments audiences based on attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability (NMI). ‘LOHAS Followers’ and ‘drifters’ are interested and care about sustainability, however, their actions lack follow through.

Project Aim

Share Wear aims to provide an alternative solution for users to reduce their clothing consumption whilst still enjoying fashion. I have designed a ‘social system’ that connects users together. Taking the form of an app, it facilitates the borrowing and lending of clothing between users. The exchanges are short-term; for a specific event, a holiday or just the weekend. The strategy focuses on nurturing intrinsic values of creativity and social connection, which inspire long-term change.


The Share Wear badges were inspired by the borrowing and lending of clothing between friends. The language used to recommend an item of clothing to a friend is very different to searching on an online store. To make the Share Wear experience more friendly and enhance the focus on social connection I explored this language, combining it with a visual style influence by girl guide badges and teen magazines. The badges instantly differentiate Share Wear from any other clothing app.

Share Wear provides unique benefits to the user beyond reduced clothing consumption giving it the potential to make a sustained, positive impact on the problem of clothing waste.


This proposal was created as part of my honours year at Massey studying Visual Communication Design. This was a 12 week project with the outcome being a social system which takes the form of an app. A full report of the process and outcomes of the project can be viewed below.

Process workbook