Nourish | Mixed Reality App, Motion Graphic & Video

A mixed reality app to aid supermarket shopping with an intolerance‚Äč or allergy.


This app project was created as part of my third year at Massey University studying a Bachelor of Design. I worked collaboratively with another student, Kate Bennett.

Tools used - Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator


For people who have an intolerance or allergy supermarket shopping becomes very difficult. Taking items off shelves and reading every single packet is frustrating and time consuming. This project aims to provide a solution to this problem making supermarket shopping stress free and enjoyable.


The app is mixed-reality. The phone is held up to the supermarket shelf and information pops up about items based on predetermined settings. This speculative project and uses augmented reality and image recognition software not currently available but we predict will be in the future. We created a motion graphic video to explain the functionality of the app.

**Stock video imagery used at the beginning, it is credited at the end of the video.

Process workbook -