M3 Mindfulness for Children | Illustrated video

A collaborative project with M3. Illustrated videos telling Māori stories as part of a mindfulness programme for children.

"M3 is an online Mindfulness programme.. M3 works off the Māori 'Hau Ora' model - Te Whare Tapa Whā Children cultivate a healthy body, mind and soul, as well as learning a sense of connection to others!"

The project

M3 Mindfulness for Children create online videos for schools that combine mindfulness, movement and Māori stories. I was part of the team that worked on these stories. I visually interpreted the stories into illustrations which were filmed to create an animated drawings.


The process of visualising the stories was very collaborative. I researched existing interpretations and created concepts. Working collaboratively with Jase, who tells the stories, we went back and forwards to come up with the final drawings.