GTFO 'Get the fit on' | App & Motion Graphic

An unconventional app with the aim of getting people moving & a teaser video to promote the app.


GTFO was created in collaboration with another student, Maryam Alhaseny, as a part of our third year at Massey studying Visual Communication Design.

Tools used - Adobe XD, After effects, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator & Sketchup


The Ministry of Health recommends Kiwi adults get “2.5 hours of moderate exercise or 1.25 hours of vigorous exercise” per week. Over half of New Zealand Adults don't meet this requirement. However, 65% of adults are “interested trying a new sport/activity or doing more of an existing one.”

If New Zealanders want to do more physical activity what is stopping them? It's all in their heads.

How might we motivate people to exercise more?

The concept of this project is to motivate people to exercise using humour. Our solution is a unique take on a fitness app incorporating humorous insults to highlight the users current exercise habits. The app also provides quick, simple and easy ways to become more active. The light hearted tone of voice calls people out for being ‘lazy’ and breaks down barriers.

It was important to balance the tensions between conveying a serious message and incorporating engaging humour. A minimal, more ‘serious’ interface design juxtaposed the humorous tone of voice.


The final solution evolved significantly through prototyping, research and interviews. This process allowed us to explore different viewpoints and come to a more resolved final solution.

We significantly changed the direction of the outcome part way through the project. The initial concept was too broad and a little bland. The concept focused on positivity and through our research we concluded that this has already been explored multiple times with little success.

We chose a bold, more risky direction centred around humour and insults. Defining the target audience further and focussing on students allowed us to use a tone of voice that would be more engaging. User testing on our peers, students, confirmed that this was the right direction. It was important to test the levels of the insults and the conclusion was to avoid any insults relating to gender or body image. Our main focus was laziness.

Process workbook -

Other touch points

Two other touch points onboard users to the app. Touch point one is free merchandise to be given out at university student associations. The purpose is to engage students through humour and provide links to social media. Touch point two is a teaser video to be shared on social media.


Read more about the project in the full dossier.