Beauty for Good | Theory of Change & App

On-the-go resource for consumers to make more informed and sustainable beauty purchases.

Personal care and beauty products account for a third of all landfill waste.


Upon carrying out a taxonomy of make-up and beauty products we found that only one product had recycling information.

Our ultimate goal is for there to be no personal care & beauty waste going to landfill. We created a theory of change for this outcome. A theory of change map visually shows an overview of all of the steps or preconditions that need to happen in order to reach the ultimate goal.


The intervention we chose to design was a 'resource for consumers to use when they are making purchase decisions.' The app will be used to educate and empower consumers to make more sustainable cosmetic purchases. It is a tool that will facilitate both sustainable consumer behaviour and recycling practices. The app will also enable feedback loops for consumers to voice feelings about companies’ values. This will combine the force of consumer power so that companies begin to take notice; this will ultimately lead to industry action.


Beauty for good was created in collaboration with another student, Kate Bennett, as a part of our honours year at Massey studying Visual Communication Design.

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